Protect your property? Not if it’s digital


Stepping back from a recent opportunity was my wakeup call to the complexities of data privacy in Michigan—a state that, in my eyes, hasn’t quite grasped the concept on this front. The contrast in Colorado, where digital rights are a hot topic, couldn’t be more pronounced. The entry of platforms like TikTok and Temu into our lives has thrown a […]

National Parkinson’s Day April 11


Dear Editor: This April, let’s shine a light on Parkinson’s and support those affected by it. It’s a degenerative disease that is a roller-coaster ride that doesn’t have any breaks. Not a death sentence but it’s a life sentence that’s strips you of everything you once knew. As you relearn to simply navigate through the basics of life while every […]


Irene Gonzales helped get her father out of his house in Deckerville when the house caught fire on March 27. Last week’s story about the fire stated construction workers helped the 92-year-old homeowner exit the residence. It was Gonzales and a construction worker.

Gather in the ‘public square’


“Think Globally, Act Locally” has been a philosophy slogan campaigned for decades in the media with good intentions, but unfortunately we seem to have paved the path toward our societal collapse. Individuals are so busy thinking globally that they have zero cognizance of their local dynamics. This stage of modernity is prompting individuals to lose sight of their local environment […]

‘Lies, damned lies, and statistics’


Mark Twain once said, “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.” Any trip to a social media site will give examples of each. I shake my head when I read some of the things that get published as “truth” but have no basis in fact. These things then get a life of their own as users […]

Let us act justly


1979 was an eventful year for me having spent the 1970s being a bad son, brother and friend. Stopping by Dad’s home he told me to hop in the car, we are going to say goodbye to Uncle Hank. As long as I remember, Dad was taking me to Caseville to visit Uncle Hank and Aunt Daisy. Dad was very […]

Thank You


As I sit down to write my final column, I find myself struggling to come up with something to write about. It’s hard to fathom that it has been two years since I started this. So much has changed in that time. When I first started writing this column, I was a 17-year-old who thought I knew exactly what I […]

Michigan remains cloudy during Sunshine Week

Editor’s note: Sunshine Week is a nonpartisan collaboration among groups in the journalism, civic, education, government and private sectors that shines a light on the importance of public records and open government. Sunshine Week occurs each year in mid- March, coinciding with James Madison’s birthday, March 16 (1751). Madison was a driving force behind the Constitutional Convention of 1787 and […]



I often hear people say there is nothing to do in Sanilac County. We don’t have vast shopping opportunities or as many events as found in metro areas. I happen to think we have a lot of opportunities but they are just different. Try geocaching, pronounced geo-cashing, the next time you are hanging out with friends and family. A quick […]


In last week’s article, “Redskins supporters want logo back,” Rick Spiegel’s comment to the Sandusky school superintendent was not reported accurately. Spiegel’s entire comment was: “Mr. Dennis I would respectfully request you stay out of this Redskins/Wolves conversation because you have no idea about what happened here. You may think you do from who you’ve talked to, but you don’t.”

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