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Police investigate bomb threat at Michigan Sugar



CROSWELL – Thursday morning Croswell police were called to investigate a bomb threat at the Michigan Sugar factory.

Though no sign of a bomb was found on the property, Chief of Police Ron Buckmaster said the plant was evacuated and shut down for the rest of the day following a full search of the premises.

Nearby Geiger elementary and Croswell-Lexington high school were also put on lockdown as a precaution. Police officers were present at the schools when students exited the buildings after drivers’ training and summer school lessons.

The bomb threat was made at 8 a.m. The caller’s voice was difficult to understand, but Michigan Sugar reported to Croswell police that the caller said the word “bomb,” followed by, “you should be scared,” and “going to find three (expletive) white hats.”

White hats are worn by supervisors at Michigan Sugar.

Buckmaster said the police investigation revealed that there had been an employee incident the day before the phone call.

Michigan Sugar subcontracts a Flint-based company to pressure wash areas of the factory. On Wednesday, one of the employees from the Flint company was found sleeping.

Due to the safety issue, Michigan Sugar supervisors asked the Flint company to not allow the man back on the premises. It was not clear whether or not the man was fired.

Three Michigan Sugar supervisors were present at the meeting when the Flint company was asked not to bring the employee back.

Croswell police are currently investigating the Flint employee as a suspect.

Michigan Sugar was shut down for the rest of the day and now requires the Flint company to provide a list of names when bringing employees to the factory. The employees must have a photo ID.

Michigan Sugar security has been provided with a picture of the suspect and will be checking vehicles that enter the factory.