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Border laws must be enforced

Dear Editor:

I wanted to weigh in with my thoughts as related to our southern border and on separation of children and families in cages. Those images that were issued for the world to see, as released by our national news media were precisely selected (of those inside of fences), primarily because what a single image can produce in social media. There are photos that exist of the families swimming in built-in pools and having wonderful family time together. Wonder why those weren’t published?

More importantly the southern border is a gateway to the USA for the illegal drugs, Heroin, Fentanyl, opioids, marijuana, and the like, MS-13 gangs. It is also a pathway for Human Trafficking (children and teens alike). And all the while Mexico does nothing about this, nothing to help the USA in these matters. If one does not want problems with our border patrol, then don’t come here illegally.

And if we are so worried and so concerned about the treatment of children, then we also need to invoke the argument on abortion, and especially with Planned Parenthood and what we’ve learned about what they do to the unborn babies in recent history. The illegals who are trying to cross our borders know exactly what they’re doing, they know how to circumvent the law without contestation.

For over 24 years the border has been a serious problem and sited as a serious problem by the past 3 presidents, who simply provided lip service to the growing problem and did nothing about it.

The border laws have been voted, approved and implemented into law for decades now, but only recently enforced. Our current president is currently doing what our past three presidents turned a blind eye to.

We all care on both sides, but if we romance this as though we care more than others, we’re doing a disservice to this great nation and the laws that she upholds.

Michael Walsh

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