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Additional test sought on white powder

Student brought it to school
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Sandusky police have sent the white powdered substance confiscated from a young student to a laboratory for further testing.

Chief of Police Brett Lester said preliminary testing that showed positive for a controlled substance may have been false.

School officials seized the powder from a 10-yearold on Jan. 30, said Chief of Police Brett Lester.

The chief said his department was called to the elementary school around 1:15 p.m. to assist the school in identifying the substance.

Preliminary indications from the department’s field testing kit showed positive for a controlled substance, said the chief.

Sandusky officers, assisted by the Sanilac County Drug Task Force, then conducted a search of the student’s home in the Carsonville area.

Lester said the student’s parents voluntarily permitted officers to enter the residence without the need for a search warrant.

He said there was also a search at a residence in the Port Huron area in connection with the case. The Sanilac and St. Clair County drug task forces assisted in the search.

He declined to comment on the results of the two searches.

However, Lester said his department sought further testing of the powder because the field testing kit isn’t always accurate.

“We have since learned that our field tests are somewhat imperfect and false positives are possible for certain substances,” said Lester.

“Because of that, we are sending (the substance) out to the Michigan State Police crime lab in Bridgeport for further testing.”

Lester added, “We don’t want to draw any conclusions without knowing for sure.”

It may take several weeks to get the results of the laboratory analysis, he said.

In a letter to parents of Sandusky Community Schools on Jan. 31, Superintendent Paul Flynn reported, “Due to the quick action by other students to say something, and the work of the administration, counselor, and police, we believe that at no time was there any student in immediate danger.”

Flynn said, “We encourage you to speak with your children and remind them if they see something that they know or think is wrong, to say something.”

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