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“Congress shall make no law... abridging the freedom of speech or of the press.”

Net Neutrality is government control

Dear Editor:

Your readers should have an opportunity to be presented an alternate view of Mr. Pollack's opinion piece on “Net Neutrality.” The truth about Net Neutrality is that it is actually government control of the internet. Net Neutrality attempts to regulate the internet similar to the way phone companies were regulated years ago. Its true purpose is to take away private control and create a public utility controlled by government, similar to the “Ma Bell” of old.

The fact is that until the monopolies granted the phone companies were broken up, the public was denied innovation and technical advancements. Remember when the phone company owned your telephones? Long distance charges? Remember having no choices? Those days are gone due to deregulation, not more regulation.

Although the term “Net Neutrality” sounds well meaning, it's actually designed to protect “the big guys with deep pockets” from new technologies and competitors. Typically regulations are sold as consumer protection, however close inspection finds they are promoted and supported by entrenched players who want to protect their own turf and government bureaucrats who want to protect theirs. Do you think Google, Amazon and Netflix would support policies that benefit their potential competitors? No, what they really want is for service providers to bear the cost of delivering their high bandwidth content. There is a cost of bandwidth and content providers want others to pay for it.

Additionally, it would severely limit consumer choice. Suppose a shipping company had to charge the same amount no matter the volume of the shipment. Great for the shipper but bad for the shipping company. Good for the company shipping large amounts but not for the individual needing to ship a small package. Consider having to subscribe to the largest cable/satellite TV plan rather than picking a plan to fit your own wants and needs. Ultimately you'll have fewer choices if ISPs are forced to provide "one size fits all" packages.

History has proven time and time again that free markets are the seed of innovation, while government controlled enterprises wallow in their own ineptitude. Yes, you should write your congressman. But do your homework first.

David Tubbs
Port Sanilac

Pot shootings show need for regulation

Dear Editor:

Let’s see how it plays out? This is what most cities and townships are saying about the new medical marijuana laws in Michigan. It is becoming evident that it isn’t playing out very well.

Just in the last few months 2 killed in a Walmart parking lot in January over a marijuana deal gone wrong Shiawassee County. Three Flint Township teens being held on murder charges after a fourth teen was killed by them for stealing mom’s medical marijuana on November 12. November 19, 2017 Sanilac County home invasion turns deadly 2 dead 1 wounded over marijuana. 2 jailed, 1 commits suicide by hanging. Sheriff Biniecki of the Sanilac County Sheriff’s Office reports 2 other medical marijuana robberies prior to this.

Oh, let’s wait and see. All of these drug dens should be shut down by the federal government. Marijuana is still illegal at the federal level. If you want to buy medical marijuana it should be bought over the counter at a drug store pharmacy. Not at a fruit market as it is being sold today.

The FDA needs to come in and regulate this drug just like they do every other drug. You want to buy pot, make it be bought and sold over a drug store counter.

Robert L. Shimmel

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