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Trump doing great job

Dear Editor:

In an effort to defend the progress our new president in his first 100 days - I wanted to add my thoughts. The repeal and replacement of Obamacare was indeed a great accomplishment. The former plan was and continues to be a failure with yet another national insurance company pulling out this very day 5/11. It is collapsing under its own misguided weight.

It’s funny how everybody loves to hate, despise and outright lie on the character of this new president. We should all remember to this very day we still don’t know much (if anything) about our past president, everything on him is still completely locked up, yet people continue to defend a man they really know nothing about. He received a Noble Peace Prize for doing absolutely nothing; he directly lied to the American public on endless occasions; he printed and inserted $85 billion ($85,000,000,000.) dollars every single month for years on end to stimulate what is called a fake economy (having no business experience whatsoever, he just threw tax payers billions into it, to see if it would work, it failed!) — spending more money than every president combined, and still he’s celebrated for everything he does — even though he’s nothing more than a labor force, union stalwart. One would think that he had a decent education but all that is completely locked up, so no one really knows and everyone is afraid to ask the question “why.”

Our free country has never been more divided under his leadership — to the point that lawlessness prevails in most major cities. He drew red lines in the sands for our enemy Syria not to cross; but ran from them immediately. He gave Iran $100’s of millions of dollars (cash) of tax payers money in ransom, of which is both illegal and corrupt. No one did anything about it. Not to mention that we are allowing Iran to build a nuclear warheads arsenal — a country who has repeatedly said — they’ll completely demolish Israel. In my eyes he is America’s worst president. We must remember and thus be thankful to both — William Jefferson Clinton and Jimmy Carter for the current North Korea nukes.

On the other hand our current president is doing exactly what he said he’d do. He will not be intimidated by the Middle East, he’ll bomb the daylights out of our enemy ISIS, he’ll repeal and replace the failing Obamacare program (for those who claim that millions will be without insurance are outright lies). He will expand and use our military when needed, without cowardly intimidation — (something that we haven’t seen since Reagan). His tax cut to American businesses will be one of the largest cuts in history — something to be celebrated!

He’s an extremely successful and educated man — finally a president that we actually know something about his worldwide accomplishments. I remain grateful that we finally have a president that won’t be intimidated by those countries that dislike our freedoms and our democracies. He’s willing to defend, protect and fight for our freedoms. He clearly said those wonderful words “Peace through strength.” He’ll also protect our boarders. He has allowed our military leaders to make their own respective strategic calls in the field, of which has already proved to be quite successful. He won’t be intimidated by pompous lies, and fake news. He is a president who is constantly in “The Arena” taking endless blows from all sides — 24 hours a day, where the main street media is out to delegitimize him based on untruths and lies. He’s doing what he said he’d do and he’s doing a great job doing it.

Michael Walsh

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