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Takes issue with Trump

Dear Editor:

I read the article on Women forum at the White House. The discussion was Women’s Empowerment. I quote from your Sanilac County News dated Wednesday, April 5, 2017. President Trump said at the forum “How proud he was of American women and contributions women make in so many areas and he pledged to work hard to make our economy a place where women can thrive as never before.”

President Trump has:

Null and void equal pay for equal work. Women will continue to earn less than men for the same work.

President Trump wants to defund Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood provides basic healthcare for many women.

President Trump said he didn’t think Bill O’Reilly did anything wrong. Bill O’Reilly has been accused of sexual harassment of women. FOX has paid out millions to settle Bill O’Reilly’s sexual harassment accusations.

In his proposed budget he wants to cut many programs that would have helped many women and children. Actually most Americans. In his healthcare plan women could have been paying higher premiums than men.

This does not sound like a President that wants women to thrive.

Carole Partlo

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