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Be where you are at!
Baseball, softball instructor

This sounds like a simple task but in reality more and more of us are not present while at home, at work, on the road or at a social event. It’s both frustrating and worrisome that technology has such a stronghold on my attention and presumably yours as well. If something prevents a person from performing a job/task then it is a problem! These are five of the most common issues that I have witnessed due to the overuse of social media and technology:

• Lack of attention to family

• Daily tasks left unfinished

• Workplace distraction

• While gathering with friends or family many of us gravitate to our phones

• Distracted while driving

Technology and social media have been an asset in many ways but as we all know, too much of anything can be a bad thing. I have recently deleted the Facebook app from my personal phone in an attempt to remove myself from the constant temptation to check my phone for business or pleasure. I don’t know the extent that this will help but it has felt good so far.

When I am with my daughter and/or wife I want them to have my complete attention. When I am at work it’s important for myself and my employees to be efficient with our time. When I am with my friends and/or family I want to enjoy their company. While we are driving we need each other to be safe!

These are ongoing challenges but we have the ability to take control. Use social media wisely and be where you are at!

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