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Bricks & glass houses


I have two dear friends that are marrying one another this weekend. Well, by the time you read this they will be married and in the blissful throws of newlywed life. There will be a wedding, a beautiful bride in a groom with anticipation great dress, a handsome in his eyes when he sees her come down the aisle. Yet more importantly something new will be formed, a marriage.

A marriage is a curious creature. It is fragile. It is formed by words, simple promises filled with emotion when they are first said. It is fragile and beautiful like a glass house where everything is transparent and at its truest form. The attendees of the wedding look on at this newly formed glass house and wonder at its amazing beauty. They may even cry tears when those fragile words add another intricate detail to the house being built. The young couples attending the wedding may sigh thinking how beautiful it was when they said those words just a short time ago, and they may wonder why does our glass house not sparkle the way it did the day we said “I do?” The more mature couples, with a few anniversary bands on their fingers, smile knowing that the glass house is beautiful. But they know that it is just the beginning of the structure of marriage.

Both my husband and I have the pleasure of standing up in this wedding. And after just celebrating 10 years of marriage to this amazing man I found myself staring at him during the rehearsal hoping he would look at me and we would have this sweet little moment of remembering when we said those words just over a decade ago. But he didn’t. He was helping to corral our son who was dancing around like a jumping bean and peeking in at our infant daughter sleeping in her stroller. And although it was just a practical part of our everyday life, it was like a brick added to our glass house. You may be thinking: “A brick? Really?” and I would say “Yes, a brick.”

Although we built a beautiful glass house during our courtship and on our wedding day the rest of the ten years have been spent adding bricks. Bricks are not necessarily the most attractive things ever. They are sometimes heavy and burdensome. They have at times been laid in tears and at times formed in laughter. The bricks have been our actions. There have been moments when we have thrown those bricks at our beautiful glass house, and it has damaged promises we have made. Yet through learning and loving we have used our actions to build a structure of support for the glass house we built. It does not look as pretty on the outside, the glass is mostly covered and it is practical because our actions have made it that way. And it is perfect! It now stands when storms blow, it is a harbor of refuge for our chil- dren, and a comfortable place to end the day.

This may not sound romantic, some may read this and feel sad that such a beautiful glass house has been covered.

But the glass still remains. It is protected by the bricks and viewable from the inside where the builders of this house dwell. Those promises have now become the beauty of our marriage and the place where we rest.

So my prayer for this sweet, soon to be married couple is that the beauty of this house will be made strong by your actions. That you would allow God to show you a strong placement of those bricks so that you protect and enhance the promises that you make to one another today.

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