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Land owner opposes wind ordinance

Dear Editor:

I want to explain the referendum for the wind zoning ordinance happening now in Moore Township.

First, this is not an anti-wind campaign, rather a campaign to establish proper zoning policies that insure the health, safety and welfare of all township residents. It is important that proper policies are in place for setbacks from your home, your lot lines, noise decibels at your lot line, shadow flicker, depth of underground transmission wires, protection around all junction boxes, among other safety rules that need to be addressed.

In Moore Township, our planning commission went through three heavily attended public meetings. They spent countless hours coming up with what I thought were proper setbacks and noise levels

One of our major objections is that after our township planning commission sent their recommendations for the township wind ordinance to our township board, on a 4-1 vote they reduced a major setback from a non-participating lot line from 1,295 feet to 1.5 times turbine height, which on a 500 foot turbine would be 750 feet. That is a clear safety issue and infringement on our property rights.

In Michigan, wind turbines are taxed as industrial personal property. Our zoning ordinance on any other type of industrial building has a limit on 50 feet tall, but yet the majority of the township board thinks it’s safe and a good idea to have a wind turbine of 450 to 500 feet tall within 750 feet of our lot lines. I don’t think so.

All we are asking for is to obtain proper setbacks and wind zoning policy that will keep everyone in Moore Township safe, and not infringe on our rights to enjoy our personal property. Our vote in Moore Township is November 3, this is our chance to be heard and to have our wind ordinance redone.

Raymond Ellis III

Moore Township

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