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County meeting changes political move

Dear Editor:

Once an individual chooses to run for public office, they have to make a decision – did they make the choice to be a public servant or a politician?Commissioner Hoffmann at the November 19th Finance/Commissioner meeting made his decision public – he is a politician.

He made a proposal to change the weekly meeting to a semimonthly meeting because the current weekly schedule interferes with his wintering in Florida. Only a politician would find this a valid reason for a schedule change.

It also became public at the same meeting, that Commissioners Faber, Hunt and Dean are also politicians as they voiced their support for this change. The “why” for the support is not as important as the fact that none of the four offered to cut their compensation in half to match the cut in the number of days they would be responsible to attend sessions each month.

The Public Servant’s main concern is the public. The Politician’s main concern is themselves.

It is quite apparent that we have only one public servant in the ranks of the county commissioners.

The people of Sanilac County have the government they deserve – I now truly believe they have the government they want.

Ask yourself: How is this working out for you? Are all the government “freebies” – unemployment, Medicaid, welfare and EBT cards enough? Really?

Al Mach
Delaware Township

Church hosts Christmas dinner

Dear Editor:

It’s the time of year when our community can all come together for “An Evening in December”, a beautiful Christmas dinner hosted by Open Door Church in Sandusky. We at Open Door would like to invite all of you to an evening of fellowship and a nice meal in a candlelight setting with music of the season to bless your evening. It will be at the church (across from Walmart) on Fri. Dec.13, from 5:30-7:30.

Please come experience the love and hope of Jesus.

For more information, please call Jackie at Open Door Church, 810-648-3512.

Sharon Bush
Moore Township

Tree project help appreciated

Dear Editor:

The Sanilac County Board of Commissioners would like to recognize and thank Commissioner Jim Ruby for coordinating the planting of trees on the courthouse property. We also wish to thank Brad Ross from TNT Equipment for the use of the tractor to dig the holes. Finally, we would like to show our appreciation to Doug Shagena and the Sanilac County jail work crew for all their efforts in helping with the planting of the trees.

Thanks again to everyone involved.

Donald A. Hunt
Board of Commissioners Chair

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