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A time for kindness
PRESIDENT Peck Elementary Parent Teacher Organization

Back a few months ago when I was asked if I would be willing to write an opinion column for the local paper, I thought about all of the different topics I would LOVE to discuss but I decided that I wanted to keep every column I wrote something positive. We are so used to seeing all of the negative in the news. I figured there was really no sense on adding more to it. Religion, Politics, Healthcare, no matter what your personal opinion is, there is always someone that will disagree with you.

It is the week of Thanksgiving. A time to be thankful for all that we have. Back in the 1600’s when the first “Thanksgiving” was held, I don’t think anyone back then could have imagined what it has turned out to be now. Especially since there are so many of us (myself included) that take what we have for granted. Every year, most of us gather with our families to have a fabulous Turkey Dinner with all the trimmings. Typically more food than anyone really knows what to do with. We say a prayer to show thanks for the meal that we are about to receive. We gather with the people that we love to eat, talk, play games and watch football. It is all the American Dream, right?

We recently began a backpack program at Peck Community Schools. We decided that it was in our best interest not to limit our program to “Low Income” families or families that receive free or reduced lunches. We decided it would be run on an honor code. To provide help to any family that needed it. There are so many families that struggle to make ends meet, we wouldn’t want to ever limit or exclude anybody. I was blown away by the number of requests that we received in the first week but in the same breath, grateful knowing that we were going to be able to help.

For most people, going out and buying an abundance of groceries for Thanksgiving Dinner is not a problem. However knowing that there are people within your own community that struggle on a daily basis to provide food for their families and doing nothing about it is heartbreaking.

With the holidays quickly approaching, I would like encourage everyone to donate a few cans of vegetables to your local food drives. To volunteer your time to one of the many food banks.

There is no feeling in the world that is better than seeing the look on a person’s face and knowing that you helped them. It literally will take your breath away.

To give your time and help your neighbor, costs you nothing. This Thanksgiving, when you are saying your prayers before your meal remember to also pray for those less fortunate and challenge yourself to do at least five acts of kindness through the holidays. It will be the best gift YOU will receive.

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