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Sandusky: new bus guidelines proposed


Mike Carmean Mike Carmean School officials want to know what parents think about a proposed administrative guideline that would limit bus pick-up to one address and bus drop-off to one address for students.

Currently, parents can contact the school whenever their children need to catch the bus or be dropped-off at a different location.

Most of those requests involve elementary students, and are handled by the school secretary, Ginny Bissett, who notifies the bus drivers.

“Luckily we have a good secretary...Parents call 10, 15, 30 (times in a day),” Superintendent Mike Carmean told the board of education last week.

“I don’t know how they keep track.”

He said, “We’re concerned with safety, liability.”

Dawn Bissett, who has a child enrolled in Sandusky Schools, asked how the one-stop rule would apply to parents that work part-time, send their kids to day care and, as a result, need more than one drop-off site.

“We believe one drop-off is the way to go,” said Carmean. “I do sympathize, but I don’t know the solution.”

“We have over 300 calls a month (to the school office),” said board member Susan Dreyer. “Something happens (and a child is dropped-off at the one location), they blame us. We have to eliminate some of that.”

Dreyer noted that school board member Jessica Lamm had faced the identical problem that Bissett brought up, and decided to designate her day care provider as the single drop-off site for her child.

“This won’t be an easy change,” admitted Carmean.

He requested that board members study the proposed guideline for possible changes, and asked for input from the community prior to the December board meeting.

The proposed guideline includes:

*”Students will be allowed to have one designated pick-up address and one designated dropoff address...if your child needs to go to locations other than your designated stop, you will need to make arrangements to transport them. Multiple drop-off sites will not be permitted - two days a week at one location, three days a week at a second location”.

*”Students will not be allowed to ride to any location other than the one stop designated by their parent/guardian.”

*”Only those who are registered to ride a bus will be allowed to ride a bus...No form, no ride.”

*”For the safety of all students, no changes of pick-up or or dropoff locations will be permitted except in the cases of any extreme emergency...We will make an attempt to accommodate you. Parental convenience is not considered an emergency situation.”

*”Those parents who have joint physical custody should contact the transportation supervisor to make transportation arrangements.”

*”Students will be allowed to be dropped-off at an organized community activity.”

*”The designated bus stops need not be located at the home address.”

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