2010-09-22 / Court News

Circuit Court

The following people have been sentenced in 24th Judicial Circuit Court of Sanilac County.

John J. Bettinger, 53, Brown City. No contest: Sexual offender fail to comply with registration, fail comply with reporting duties. Accept fail to comply with reporting duties plea, defer acceptance of fail to comply with registration. 2 years probation. 7 days in jail, credit for 7 served. May leave state in course of work.

The following individuals pled guilty to contempt of court for failure to pay child support.

John A. Kish II, 29, St. Clair Shores. 30 days in jail consecutive to any other sentence. Released if pays $2,500. must pay $114.50/month. Second case: 45 days in jail consecutive to other sentence. Released when pays $2,000, must pay $68.50/month.

Fredrick L. Jackson, 49, Croswell. 90 days in jail or pay $326.25/month.

Jeffrey W. Strickler, 42, Rockledge, FL. 30 days in jail or pay $297/month.

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