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Recycle - please!

Do you know….

•Recycling one aluminum beverage can save enough energy to run a 100-watt bulb for 20 hours, a computer for 3 hours or a TV for 2 hours.

•The aluminum beverage can returns to the grocer’s shelf as a new, filled can in as little as 90 days after collection, remelting, rolling, manufacturing and distribution.

•It takes approximately 1 million years for a glass bottle to break down in a landfill.

•In the U.S. today, 34% of all glass containers are recycled.

•Americans use over 67,000,000 tons of paper each year, or 600 pounds per person.

•Recycling one ton of paper saves 17 trees, 3 cubic yards of landfill space, 2 barrels of oil, 7,000 gallons of water and 4,100 kilowatt hours of electricity - enough energy to power the average American home for 5 months.

Or that….

•Plastics require 100 to 400 years to break down in a landfill.

•Producing new plastic from recycled material uses only twothirds of the energy required to manufacture it from raw materials.

•1 ton of recycled steel saves the energy equivalent of 3.6 barrels of oil, and 1.49 tons of iron ore over the production of new steel.

•The amount of steel recovered through recycled packaging in 2001 (nearly 1.5 million tons) would yield enough steel to build 185,000 steel framed homes.

•Battery acid is recycled by converting it to sodium sulfate for laundry detergent, glass and textile manufacturing.

•The average person throws away 4 pounds of garbage PER D AY.

AND that

•Solid waste disposal is the third largest municipal government expense after police protection and education.

SO, in “MY OPINION” please, please recycle! Recycling conserves our natural resources, saves landfill space, conserves energy, and reduces water pollution, air pollution and the green house gas emissions that cause global warming.

The Sanilac County Material Recycling Facility is located at 150 Orval Steet in Sandusky. Business hours are Monday-Friday, 7:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m., with 24/7 drop-off. Our business number is 810- 648-3590, along with our email screcycle@sanilaccounty.net

Products that we are accepting at the Material Recycling Facility include:

Plastics: •#1 & #2 plastic bottles and jugs

Paper: •Junk mail including envelopes •Newspaper including inserts and ads •Magazines and catalogs


•Mixed office/ school papers– colored, white, and computer papers, etc.


•Clear and colored glass bottles and jars –place lids in the appropriate bin

Styrofoam: •#6 —clean egg cartons, cups, plates, packing peanuts, etc. Cardboard and boxboard

•Corrugated cardboard

•Boxboard is any pantry, bathroom related boxes, etc. i.e. cereal boxes, tissue boxes, etc.

Metals: •Rinsed out aluminum and tin cans •Aluminum foil •Pie tins •Muffin Tins, etc.

Used Oil: •There’s a container labeled used oil with a funnel, please dump your used oil in the container.


•Both chargeable and rechargeable

You can also recycle at any of our seven satellite stations, also known as recycling roll off bins. At these bins you can recycle glass and tin, along with plastic, paper, cardboard, and boxboard – which are all co-mingled OR mixed together within the bin! Please see labels on bins!

•Argyle— Behind the Argyle Township Fire Hall, Open 24/7

•Brown City— Little Texas Party Store, 4114 E. Main Street, Open 24/7

•Carsonville—Carsonville Elementary School, 4115 Chandler Street, Open 24/7

•Croswell—Buhl Hill Trailer Park, 2335 Peck Road, Open 24/7

•Deckerville—East of the Deckerville Post Office, 2517 Maple Street, Open 24/7

•Marlette—Marlette Middle School, 6230 Euclid Street, Open 24/7

•Peck—Southwest corner of the Park, Open 24/7

•Tri-City Landfill—426 N. Ruth Road, Open M, W, F, 8:00 a.m.—3 p.m.

Thank you to Little Texas Party Store Owner, Roger Wood, Peck DPW, Carsonville Elementary School, Deckerville Post Master, Rhonda Belger, Roy McAlister, Leslie Ballard, Teresa Glaza, along with others, for calling the Recycling Center when the recycling bins in your area are full. Your service is greatly appreciated!

The success of the Sanilac County Material Recycling Facility has been because of many community collaborations.

•The Sanilac County Board of Commissioners is dedicated to our county’s recycling efforts and continues to assist in our center.

•Sherriff Garry Binecki’s jail “ Work Crew”, ran by Bill Smith, has been extremely helpful in assisting us in a variety of different ways.

•The Twin’s Kountry Korner, J&D Market, Country View Bulk Food Store, Scott’s Quik Stop, Huntoon Lumber, and Family and Farm Supply, Dairy Queen, Trellborg, Tri-County Equipment, TNT Equipment, Sanilac Drain and Tile, Tubbs Brothers, and Graff Chevrolet are among a few businesses who recycle their corrugated cardboard with us!

•The Resource Recovery committee is essential in providing new ideas and tips to assist in increasing the amount of material that we receive! This committee is appointed by the Board of Commissioners to assist in resource recovery activities. This committee consists of the following representatives from each district: District 1 – Delphine Peruski, District 2 – Lucy Wayco, District 3 – Dale Moisher, District 4 – Linda Schramm, District 5 – Terry Bell, District 6 – Mark Stencel, District 7 – Harold Mageski, At Large Representative – Theresa GlazaAnd lastly

•YOU! Thank you to everyone who recycles and makes our operation a success!!

Together, reducing, reusing, recycling and buying recycled products make up a comprehensive waste and resource reduction strategy that benefits our natural world and our economy. So please stop by the Sanilac County Material Recycling Facility, bring your material to be recycled, and see myself or Floor Manager Mike Dusette with any questions!

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