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Pet groomer takes special care

(Editor's note - This is a correction for an article published in last week's Progress section)

For pet groomer Cindy Trainor, providing healthy and safe care of your pets is her number one priority.

Cindy has 16 years of experience in pet grooming, 24 years of experience working with animals, and a lifetime of loving animals. She has provided the service for five years in Sanilac County, and now has a new location in Sandusky. She has been a member of the National Dog Groomers Association of America since 1998 and a National Certified Master Groomer since 2004.

Cindy offers basic grooming, that includes nail trimming, ear plucking, shaving hair from between pads of feet, bath, blow dry, brush out and haircut. Haircuts can follow AKC breed standard or be to the customer's preference. Nail trimming is available for any pet - dog, cat, rabbit, guinea pig, etc. The equipment in the shop includes a hydraulic table that allows her to handle any size dog - her smallest has been four pounds while her largest has exceeded 200.

"I use botanical based shampoo products developed and manufactured right here in Michigan. They are better for the environment, better for the dog's skin, and safer all around," Cindy stated.

Her policy is to avoid noseto nose contact between animals. The reason: to prevent the spread of disease, and to avoid fights.

This experienced groomer knows the value of continuing education. She attends annual seminars in order to provide the best service to her customers - two-legged and four-legged.

For an appointment, call Cindy at 810-710-0015.

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