2010-03-10 / Opinion

Who polices the police?

Dear Editor:

As a long time resident of Sanilac County, I have seen many incidents with law enforcement officers either breaking the law and/or engaged in questionable behavior:

The state trooper who killed a motorcyclist with his patrol car-

The deputy who used jail inmates to work for him at his private business-

The village chief who misused the L.E.I.N. to gather information just to name a few.

If these people worked in the private sector I have a feeling that at the least they would lose their jobs, but no, since they are law enforcement officers, they retain their jobs.

Now we have had the fatal shooting of an unarmed man by a Sandusky officer. The victim dies, the officer goes on "leave" and the police "investigate".

If a private citizen did this under similar circumstances, that citizen would now be in jail charged with murder.

For far too long now we have had the blue/brown wall of silence with the mentality of us against them. This needs to end.

I pose a question: Who polices the police? The police?

We need now, and in every circumstance involving law enforcement officers, a separate, unbiased and impartial investigative unit devoid of officers of the same town or county from which the officer under investigation is from.

I feel what will happen though, is that they will let some time lapse, a few months, a year perhaps, and then it will be announced that it was all the victim's fault. Sorry for his luck, and we will as usual stand behind our brother officer.

In closing, I wish to convey my condolences to the victim's family and friends. Best of luck in these trying times.
John Maxbauer

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