2010-03-10 / Opinion

Is officer alone to blame for death?

Dear Editor:

It is terrible that a young man had to die and equally it is terrible that a Sandusky policeman had to get into the situation and that it happened to the people of Sandusky. Also the people of Sandusky, most likely, will pay dearly with their hard earned dollars because likely this case is a lawyer’s dream and the outcome will be in the millions.

Well – in these economic times the Sandusky city fathers apparently felt to save money by having single officer patrol cars. Say the case is settled for $5 million and for $5 million the city could have two officer patrol cars for the next 30 years.

Assume wages at $150 times three shifts times one year all divided into $5 million – results to 30 years.

Blaming the police officer is shortsightedness because he is what he is and was hired by the chief who answers to the city fathers who are elected by the citizens of Sandusky who in turn are trying to save money like everyone else.

Further, the victim was supposedly drunk which led to being disorderly. Well one bottle of booze according to Michigan law can result in a blood alcohol to get one arrested. So – did one bottle of booze get the victim drunk, disorderly and dead?

Also one might ask who is to blame? A bar? A store? The citizens of Sandusky? The police officer? The victim? Our permissive culture? So – who killed Kramer?
Tom Engler

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