2010-03-10 / Court News

Circuit Court

The following people have been sentenced in 24th Judicial Circuit Court of Sanilac County.

Timothy S. Woollen, 18, Peck. 9 months in jail. Credit for 90 days served. May serve 6 months at Salvation Army. No credit if leave program early or do not complete it. 2 years probation. No alcohol, bars or controlled substances. No contact with victim or be within 500 feet of victim's home, work or school. Restitution of $100. Guilty of larceny of building. Dismissed - 2 counts home invasion 2nd degree.

Christopher A. Gardner, 18, Croswell. 180 days in jail, credit for 5 served. Concurrent with other case. 90 days deferred pending successful completion of probation. Weekends the rest of the school year, serve time during spring break. Straight time after school year ends, school release for summer school. 2 years probation. Continue education or vocational education. Restitution of $1,360.49 with $1,142.35 to Cros-Lex Schools, $188.08 to Cros-Lex Soccer and $30.06 to an individual. Guilty: receiving & concealing guns, and added counts of larceny $200 -$1,000 and an amended count of attempted breaking and entering with intent to commit larceny. Dismissed: 3 counts conspiracy B&E with intent, 3 counts B&E with intent, 3 counts larceny building, one count of possession of burglar tools, and one count of attempted B&E coin operated device. Judge accepted plea to larceny and deferred acceptance of receiving & concealing guns plea.

John C. Colon, 41, Croswell. 90 days in jail, credit for 23 served. Report daily and take PBT test for balance of sentence. Serve jail time if test positive. Terms of probation remain the same. Eligible to work off some of monetary obligations by community service. Probation violation: test positive for alcohol.

Anthony Zerilli, 27, Port Huron. 90 days in jail, credit for 20 served. Discharged from probation without improvement. Probation violation: domestic violence, fail to report, fail to pay fines & costs.

The following people pled guilty to contempt of court for failure to pay child support.

Gary G. Ryan, 37, Carsonville. 30 days in jail or pay $100 immediately and $1,800 by end of day on March 31. Allowed forgiveness of $1,800 in arrears.

Francis Rousee III, 31, Westland. 30 days in jail or pay $201.78 by noon March 5.

Heather Mills, 30, Deckerville. 30 days in jail or pay $893 by noon March 5.

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