2010-03-03 / Opinion

A “Bucket List” milestone

I am looking forward to one of life’s milestones next month, my 50th birthday.

I have come realize that there are certain personnel goals that have moved down the list of “things I have to do before I reach 100.” Among those are flying a fighter aircraft, owning a red Ferrari and maybe getting above the rim on Saturday night. As I reflect on this I am reminded of a plaque that used to hang in Dr. Groat’s office on Lexington Street in Sandusky. I remember seeing it when we went to the office for shots or check-ups or physicals for sports. It was on the wall near the reception window and stated “too soon we get old, too late we get smart.” It was one of those things that you see or read and it is etched in your memory.

While I make no claim to being much smarter than when I first read that plaque years ago, my children will attest to my efforts to assist with their homework, I have come to appreciate the significance of this simple proverb and hope that I have used my time wisely. Over the years I have had my share of opportunities to get smart. These opportunities have come through formal education and the less formal lessons of life. My parents are staunch supporters of continued education and saw to it that their children understood the importance of life long learning. They also the demonstrated the value and rewards of community service throughout their lives and encouraged us to invest our time in worthwhile service. I have met many outstanding “volunteers” over the years and am enriched by their shared commitment and friendship. I hope to enjoy the rewards of this investment for many more years.

I am fortunate to belong to a profession that diligently strives to keep America safe and strong. Throughout my years of service I have had countless opportunities to learn through specialized training. But the some of the best lessons I have learned have come from the hard work and dedication of the men and women who work as local, county and state law enforcement professionals. They are on the front line in our communities and respond to our requests for service without regard to personal safety or comfort.

It is however, my personal successes and the lessons that I have learned from them that mean the most. I consider my family my greatest personal success. I have been blessed with a loving, compassionate, dedicated wife and two wonderful children. Their independence and many accomplishments are a great source of pride. They tolerate my faults and provide unconditional love and support. Their actions provide me the life lessons that are worth repeating. I pray that I am able to transform these lessons into the wisdom that will carry me to old age.

“Make wisdom your provision for the journey from youth to old age, for it is more certain support than all other possessions”……..Bias

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