2010-03-03 / Court News

Circuit Court

The following people have been sentenced in 24th Judicial Circuit Court of Sanilac County.

John H. Galbraith, 49, Ecorse. No contest: probation violation operating under the influence of liquor 3rd offense. 23 months -5 years in prison, credit for 62 days served. No contest: abscond/forfeit bond. Dismissed: habitual offender 4th conviction. 13 months -4 years in prison, credit for 48 days served. Consecutive to OUIL sentence.

Steven M. Foran, 29, Croswell. Guilty: OUIL 2nd offense, amended attempted home invasion 2nd degree. Dismissed: allow suspended person to drive, open container of alcohol, habitual offender 3rd conviction. conspiracy home invasion 2nd degree, second count of habitual offender 3rd conviction. 1 year in jail concurrent to 2nd plea & consecutive to any parole violation sentence. May serve any portion in residential treatment center & receive day for day credit.

Jeffrey J. Schaefer, 18, Peck. Guilty: amended count B&E with intent to commit larceny, arson of personal property, larceny $1000 -$20,000. Dismissed: motor vehicle unlawful drive away. 365 days in jail, serve 270 immediately, balance deferred. Credit for 72 served. 2 years probation. Not to possess controlled substances. Complete mental health counseling & domestic batterer intervention. No contact with victim. Restitution of $6,594, including $6,294 to MEEMIC Insurance.

The following individuals have pled guilty to contempt of court for failure to pay child support.

Dennis Stone, 40, Royal Oak. 45 days in jail, credit for 3 served. Released when pays $6,185.15.

Jeffrey P. Rattew, 31, Marlette. 90 days in jail. Released when pays $3,487.12.

Jeremiah Roark, 34, Clawson. 30 days in jail. Released when pays $2,082.91.

Dennis Sheridan, 43, Harper Woods. 90 days in jail or pay $112.25/month.

Johnathan Pankey, 30, Waterford. 90 days in jail or pay $211/month.

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