2010-02-24 / Court News

Circuit Court

The following people have been sentenced in 24th Judicial Circuit Court of Sanilac County.

Daniel R. Ramage, 19, Snover. 15 months -2 years in prison, credit for 42 days served. Judge deferred from sentencing guidelines due to new charges received while in jail awaiting sentencing. Denied request for boot camp. $35.77 restitution to Deckerville Hospital. Guilty: amended count attempted larceny of building.

Ronald J. Briolat, 55, Peck. 180 days in jail, credit for 36 served. 5 years probation. Alcohol tether. 480 hours community service. No alcohol, no bars, no driving. Day for day credit to time in residential rehabilitation program. Guilty: operating under influence of liquor 3rd offense. Dismissed: open container of alcohol.

David W. Richards, 38, Deckerville. 2 years probation. Not to use/possess photo equipment, photo developing equipment, take movies. No alcohol or bars. Guilty: use computer to commit crime, amended count attempted install device eavesdrop. Court accepts amended count, defers acceptance use computer plea pending successful completion of probation. Dismissed: domestic violence, install device eavesdrop.

Mark R. Eckert, 51, Lexington. Driver's license suspended 6 months, no restricted license 1st 30 days. May not possess weapons. Guilty: deliver manufacture marijuana. Dismissed: flee police 4th degree.

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