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Barricaded gunman gets jail time for resisting arrest

A 59-year old Brown City man is going to jail for resisting arrest following a barricaded gunman incident in December.

Last week Circuit Court Judge Donald Teeple sentenced Robert B. Cilk to 180 days in jail, 60 of which Cilk must serve immediately. He may have work release. The balance will be deferred pending successful completion of probation.

Cilk must serve two years of probation. He may not drink alcohol or go into bars. Cilk must complete substance abuse treatment and an anger management program. He must not be assultive, abusive, threatening or intimidating, and may not use or have a weapon.

Cilk pled guilty to one count of assault-resist-obstruct police officer. In accordance with the plea bargain, the court dismissed two counts of assault with weapon, two counts of felony firearms, assault-resist police, domestic violence and possess weapon under influence.

Brown City Police Officer Adam Stracenrider was dispatched to a possible domestic violence at approximately 11 p.m. on Dec. 3.

“The officer was standing in the doorway talking to him when he pointed a gun, and the officer took cover immediately,” said Police Chief Ron Smith.

According to the chief, Cilk told Stracenride he was going to shoot him.

The domestic violence victim, who called the police, had already left the house and no one else was inside but the gunman.

State police, sheriff department and Marlette Police Department were all dispatched to the scene.

Authorities yelled at Cilk to come out of the house. He surrendered about an hour later.

“He came out the front steps yelling and throwing his hands in the air. He did not have the gun anymore,” Smith recalled.

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